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Travel Grants from CONCERT

CONCERT awards travel grants to support participation in a conference "…, where this can be shown to be of value for increasing the applicant’s involvement and knowledge/skills in current European research in radiation protection."

Young scientists may therefore apply such a CONCERT travel grant, if they want to attend the envisaged “Students' day" during the RPW2018 or HEIR2018 meetings in October. There are two deadlines for travel grant applications, one is 30 June 2018 and the second 30 September 2018.  In total CONCERT is able to provide on a regular basis a budget of 5000€ for these two calls . CONCERT coordination-team has checked again the financial flow in its budget and is able to announce that an additionally 5000€ can be made available for travel grants in 2018. In total therefore 10TEUR for both travel grant deadlines will be made available.

Applicants have to follow the general rules for CONCERT Travel Grants as specified here: http://www.concert-h2020.eu/en/Calls/Call_travel_grants
After reviewing all applications, the grant winners will be informed.