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Training in Internal Dosimetry and Monitoring

There has been some provision for training in internal dosimetry at the European level over recent years, but this has not been systematic.

There is a need to ensure that internal dosimetry expertise across the EU is brought to a common high standard, and that expertise is passed on to younger scientists and those entering the field.

EURADOS Working Group 7 intends to respond to this need by establishing a regular programme of training courses in Internal Dosimetry and Internal Contamination Monitoring. Training in the fundamentals of internal dosimetry and its practical application could be held at appropriate intervals, and complemented by courses/workshops on specialist subjects. The courses would be funded through course fees set at an appropriate level.

This questionnaire aims to establish the level of interest across the EU for various training options. It will only take a few minutes to complete. We would like to receive responses by 15April2012, although we will accept later responses. Please complete this form electronically and e-mail to:



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