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Invitation to Japan for Researchers and Research Students

from The Wakasa Wan Energy Research Center, Fukui, Japan

Dear All Pearsons Concerned

It is our pleasure to announce that "The Atomic Energy Researchers and ResearchStudents Acceptance Program FY2014" will be carried out in Fukui prefecture, Japan.

This program is to accept overseas researchers and research students, which conducted by The Wakasa Wan Energy Research Center (WERC). For detail of this program, please refer to "Application Guide". In order to introduce this program, I send this letter to many institutes whichare positive about the improvement of nuclear safety and application technology.

Please inform your institute of the "Application Guide".

I would appreciate if someone in your institute applies to this program.

Sincerely yours, Nobuaki ASAHI Chairman, The Wakasa Wan Energy Research Center

Application Guide, Appendix 1, Appendix 2, Appendix 3, Appendix 4, Appendix 5