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e-Survey: What do you need from radiation protection research in the next years? What do you think is currently missing - in practice, application, jurisdiction and research?

You are kindly invited to address these questions in a survey of the European PIANOFORTE partnership (Horizon-EURATOM-2021-NRT-01-09). The survey aims to gather your opinions and understanding of various radiation protection and application of ionising radiation issues – it is sent out to a broad range of stakeholders across Europe, such as radiation protection experts, regulators, researchers from various RP fields, implementors, specific public groups and general public, media workers, etc.


Your participation is entirely voluntary. The collected data will be anonymized, and the answers will be analysed together with those of other respondents. We would like to emphasize that we will properly inform you about results of this survey. If you know other persons that may be interested to take a part in survey, we would be very grateful if you could pass the link to survey onto them, as it is of high importance to reach as many as possible different stakeholder groups. PIANOFORTE, as Europe’s current central radiation protection research funding instrument, will better meet your actual needs if you let us know what is the most important for you.


The survey is made available electronically, on  SurveyMonkey platform, through a link:



The response deadline for survey is end of January, 31/01/2023. If you have questions, at any time, about the survey, you may contact us (Balázs & Jelena) balazs.madas@ek-cer.hu; Jelena.Popic@dsa.no

We thank you in advance for your participation, and hope you will find the survey enjoyable and thought-provoking!

Kind regards,

Balázs Madas (EK, Hungary), PIANOFORTE Lead sub-task 3.4.2. E-survey  

Jelena Mrdakovic Popic (DSA, Norway), PIANOFORTE Lead task 3.4. Direct Stakeholder Engagement


PS: If you are not already registered as PIANOFORTE stakeholder, please do so here: