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Radiological Emergency Planning: Terrorism, Security, and Communication

Harvard School of Public Health Executive and Continuing Professional Education offers course for health physics professionals
Čas 29.07.2013   06:55
02.08.2013   06:55
Místo Boston, MA, USA
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This program brings together leaders in the field of emergency preparedness and planning to explore the basic principles for creating a comprehensive radiation emergency plan. Drawing from years of direct experience, faculty members will divulge lessons learned in preparing for, responding to, and communicating about radiation emergencies. By providing practical tools and guidelines, this course will prepare participants to plan for and respond to a radiological event, whether at the state, local, or individual facility level.

Learning Objectives:

·         Apply the basic principles and requirements for a comprehensive radiation emergency plan

·         Comply with changes in roles and responsibilities in support of the Homeland Security effort

·         Employ a decision-making matrix to assist in state and local reaction plans for a radiological emergency

·         Incorporate lessons learned regarding communications into your emergency response plan

·         Understand the need for, and application of, protective action guides in emergency planning

·         Medically manage the casualties of a radiological incident without significant increase in risk to first responder and first receiver staff

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