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2nd Regional IRPA who IOMP Workshop ON Radiological Protection Culture in Medicine

Čas 30.11.2015   09:25
02.12.2015   16:00
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Here is invitation one or two members from your Associate Society to participate in the 2nd workshop on 'RP culture in medicine' at the WHO headquarters in Geneva from 30th November until 2nd December, 2015. IRPA, launched this  joint project with WHO and IOMP.
The purpose of the project as we did for the first guiding principles is to collect feedback from key stakeholders for the development of a framework document about radiological protection culture in medicine (RPCM), in the context of safety culture. This document is intended to help the medical profession, with the engagement of patients, in establishing and maintaining a RP culture in medicine, as part of a sustainable safety culture program in health care.
The first workhop organised  for the latin american countries in Buenos Aires in April was a real success with more than 60 participants.  This second regional workshop  in Geneva for the European AS  is an opportunity to collect feedback from European countries and to cooperate with professional bodies and other international organizations for the preparation of this framework document.
A regional workshop for African countries is planned to be held in occasion of the 14th International IRPA Congress (South Africa, May 2016), and the future organization of a regional workshop for Asian countries  is also considered.

Here is the program .  

Is expected strong participation for active contribution by our Euroropean  IRPA AS for this important initiative.