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Akce v roce 2016 uplynulé

PREPARE Dissemination Workshop od Středa 20.01.2016 09:00 do Pátek 22.01.2016 16:00 Bratislava, Slovak Republic,
The Workshop will allow to present the results of the PREPARE project and to collect feedback from the participants on the topics of potential future research activities. The knowledge acquired during the project will be disseminated as well as the capability of the developed methods and tools in particular those of the Analytical Platform for collecting information, analysing any nuclear or radiological event and provide information about the consequences and its future development.
Plant Genetics & Breeding Technologies II od Pondělí 01.02.2016 09:00 do Středa 03.02.2016 16:00 Vienna, Austria,
NEA Stakeholder Dialogue Webinar: Experience and Lessons for Young and Old Experts and Researchers od Středa 17.02.2016 13:00 do Středa 02.03.2016 15:00 internet,
The IRPA EC supports this initiative prepared by the CRPPH. This webisnar is specifically aimed at radiological protection professionals who will find themselves dealing directly with public, NGO, municipal government and non-RP governmental ministry stakeholders. The NEA aim is to facilitate the sharing of information through the use of plain language, and through social media.
1st International Conference on Radioanalytical and Nuclear Chemistry (RANC-2016) od Neděle 10.04.2016 09:00 do Sobota 16.04.2016 16:00 Budapest, Hungary,
14th Congress of the International Radiation Protection Association (IRPA14) od Pondělí 09.05.2016 09:00 do Pátek 13.05.2016 16:00 Cape Town International Convention Centre, South Africa,
Practising Radiation Protection: Sharing the Experience and New Challenges
2016 NASA Space Radiation Summer School od Čtvrtek 02.06.2016 09:00 do Pátek 24.06.2016 16:00 Brookhaven National Laboratory (BNL) in Long Island, New York, USA,
Mamografický screening – benefity a rizika 21.06.2016 od 14:00 do 15:30 SÚRO, Bartoškova 28, Praha 4,
Fourth International Conference on Radiation and Applications in Various Fields of Research (RAD 2016) od Čtvrtek 23.06.2016 08:00 do Pondělí 27.06.2016 16:00 Faculty of Electronic Engineering University of Nis, Serbia,
18th International Conference on Solid State Dosimetry od Neděle 03.07.2016 09:00 do Pátek 08.07.2016 16:00 Munich, Germany,
SSD 18 - 18th International Conference on Solid State Dosimetry od Neděle 03.07.2016 09:00 do Pátek 08.07.2016 16:00 Helmholtz Zentrum München, Germany,
VI International Ra-Rn Meeting od Pondělí 18.07.2016 09:00 do Čtvrtek 21.07.2016 17:00 Girona, Catalonia, Spain,
Radiation Protection Week 2016 od Pondělí 19.09.2016 09:00 do Pátek 23.09.2016 16:00 Oxford, UK,
The Radiation Protection Week is a 'must' for all scientists and decision makers participating in radiation protection research globally.
ICRS13 & RPSD-2016 od Pondělí 03.10.2016 09:00 do Čtvrtek 06.10.2016 16:00 Paris, France,
International Conference on Radiation Shielding & Topical Meeting of the Radiation Protection & Shielding Division of the American Nuclear Society
XVII. Štiavnické dni 2016 od Úterý 04.10.2016 09:00 do Čtvrtek 06.10.2016 16:00 Banská Štiavnica – Počúvadlo Jazero,
CONFERENCE ON RADIATION & HEALTH od Sobota 15.10.2016 09:00 do Středa 19.10.2016 15:00 Waikoloa Village, Big Island, Hawaii,
Public Health Impact of Current Sources of Radiation Exposure: New Data and Insights from Biology, Epidemiology, andStatistics.
CARM 2016 od Úterý 01.11.2016 09:00 do Čtvrtek 03.11.2016 16:00 NPL, Teddinkton, UK,
UK National Conference on Applied Radiation Metrology
2nd International Conference on Radioecological Concentration Processes od Neděle 06.11.2016 09:00 do Středa 09.11.2016 16:00 Seville, Spain,
In April, 1966 the first international radioecology conference was held in Stockholm as a consequence of radioecological studies following the nuclear tests in late 1950's and early 1960's. We now feel that it is time to hold a second conference, on radioecological concentration processes, 50 years later, in Seville, Spain from the 6-9th November 2016.
XXXVIII. DNY RADIAČNÍ OCHRANY od Pondělí 07.11.2016 12:00 do Pátek 11.11.2016 12:00 Mikulov, Česká republika,
Radiation Protection Culture in Waste Management od Pondělí 14.11.2016 09:00 do Středa 16.11.2016 16:00 Rock Laboratory at Mont Terri in St. Ursanne, Switzerland,
FS- Workshop in cooperation with IRPA
12th LOWRAD International Conference od Pondělí 12.12.2016 09:00 do Úterý 13.12.2016 18:00 Warsaw, Poland,
“The Effects of Low Doses and Very Low Doses of Ionizing Radiation on Human Health and Biotopes” will be held in Warsaw, Poland in Institute of Nuclear Chemistry and Technology

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